High quality
videosto help you hone
your inner-game

To create change around you
you must first change yourself.
Over 70 video to help you hone your inner-game and improve your leadership skills.
Additional mini-courses to help you in tough situations
We regularly add more videos to our library to help you along in your journey.

The Growth Fuel

This is our main compendium and is comprised of nine modules containing a total of 65 high quality videos. Each module is organised around a theme. The videos within a module are usually be watched in sequence but feel free to roam around too.

Goals: it starts with you ( 7 videos )
What's important ( 6 videos )
Manage your time & energy ( 11 videos )
Find purpose ( 4 videos )
Know yourself ( 8 videos )
Know those around you ( 8 videos )
Handling tough situations ( 9 videos )
Leading with vision ( 5 videos )
Bringing it together ( 7 videos )

Lead from Home

This is a short 3 video series with accompanying workbooks about overcoming some of the challenges when leading a remote team.

Thriving virtual teams
Life-work balance
Decision making in new times

Manipulative People

This course is a 2 hour mini-course originally given as a live webinar that was created to help good people handle manipulative people at work. It received great feedback and so we have added it as a mini-course.

icon check-in back on white, small size
Know how to identify manipulative people
icon check-in back on white, small size
Learn how manipulative operate
icon check-in back on white, small size
Learn to protect yourself from them

Perfect Career Planner

For those that have internalised the lessons in the main growth fuel course, this mini-course can help you re-orient your career on a path that is more in tune with your aspirations.

Create a Commanding Presence

This 1h45 course is a recording of a live webinar on the topic of "presence" and how it can help you when delivering speeches or trying to convince people around you.

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